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Social Footprint

Today’s consumers and buyers are conscious, informed and connected. They search for wines using smartphones, tablets, desktops and they share experiences with others. Access to information and ability to share that in an instant has become a basic customer need.

The average social media user has 5 active accounts today. Each one of the 1.6bn Facebook users spends 50 minutes every day scrolling through Facebook updates, liking Instagram posts, or chatting on Messenger. To engage customers, a website is a must but far from enough. To get noticed, you should be present on all key digital channels that your prospects use. Their user experience with your brand should be consistent, seamless and device-independent.

Is your winery present on the key social networks?

Do you have a consistent brand appearance on all of them?

Would you like support to get started with social media?


Social Footprint Creation

Establish your presence on digital channels

Getting the basics done right does not have to be complex or expensive. Our social footprint services get your winery up and running on key digital channels in no time. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, it makes no difference. We set up your winery’s accounts, connect them to your website and customize your social media appearance to match your brand.


Social account set up

Setting up your company account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Channel selection depends on your marketing strategy.

Social channel customization

Customizing your social account to ensure appearance matches visuals of your brand.

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Social Ideas

Learn what to share when

Social is about engagement and engagement is about content. Beginners in the digital marketing space struggle to identify what works best with their target audience. Our team has handful experience in the wine content marketing space – use our skills to collect ideas what content would fit best your social media communications.


Content ideas

Providing handful tips about how to start growing your fan base and convert them to sales.

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Your Benefits

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Create Visibility on Channels That Matter Most

Wine is a social product, yet 60% of German wineries miss out on social media presence*. Build an appearance on digital collaboration channels that your target customers use.

*Successful Social Media & E-Commerce Strategies in the Wine Industry Book 2016

Brand Appearance

Build a Consistent Brand Appearance

50 percent of a wine’s success is the personality factor of the brand, building an emotional tie with the customer. Make sure your visual appearance matches your brand on all digital channels equally.

*Successful Social Media & E-Commerce Strategies in the Wine Industry Book 2016

Prospect Engagement

Identify New Prospects & Engage With Them

There are more than 200.000 wine labels in the world wine market. Drive interest for your wines and your brand with social media as a strong but economical marketing tool with an unparalleled reach.

Bridge The Digital Skills Gap icon

Bridge The Digital Skills Gap

Setting up your social media accounts is easy. Setting them up right needs a specialist. Use our digital marketing and wine industry expertise to ensure no details will be missed.

Drive Interaction via Social Media icon

Drive Interaction via Social Media

Social media is about networking, sharing and interaction. Engage wine enthusiasts and business partners into discussions around your brand.

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Content Management

Drive Engagement with Efficiency

Content Management image

In social media engagement happens through interesting content. It is not only about promoting offers, reporting about new vintages or events at your winery. Interesting content is a broad term. It can be anything that social media users find entertaining, educating or relevant. Many topics go well with wine: events, travel, experiences – the list is endless.

All this content you have to create yourself or find it elsewhere to curate and share further. For this the required time-investment can be daunting. US wineries spend 5.3 hours on social media weekly – twice as much as their German counterparts. How can you get more out of your efforts? The answer is content management.

What Type of Content icon

Do you know what type of content to drives engagement for your winery?

Content Creation Curation Sharing icon

Do you create, curate and share such content on social media platforms?

Would you like to automate content collection and sharing?


Content Management Framework

Manage your content easily

Our content management framework provides your winery with an easy-to-use digital toolkit. Integrated components make content curation and sharing simple. Whether it is for a dedicated user or for your entire team, we can help set it up. We build your core digital toolkit so that you can share relevant, engaging content.


Content management platform setup
Getting components of your content management framework up and running. Built on award winning software of Hootsuite and Feedly.
Social channel integration
Connecting your social profiles to the framework (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).
Helping your team develop the basic digital skills you need for content management.

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Content Feed

Get content delivered to your doorstep

Our content feed delivers a pre-configured collection of wine related sources for interesting content. All information gets syndicated and delivered to you automatically – you only have to decide what you wish to share on which channel and when. Alternatively, you can also switch on scheduling to run your content distribution on autopilot.


Content curation
Instantiating your content collection platform with our pre-configured set of content sources. Available in German / English.

Content creation
Getting your very own, custom content generated by us. We write and illustrate your posts on your preferred social media channels.

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Your Benefits

Increase Brand Awareness icon

Increase Brand Awareness

2 out of 3 wineries settle with their current social media usage which runs up to 90% on Facebook*. New generations and B2B customers value other social media platforms though. Improve your brand’s perception…

*Successful Social Media & E-Commerce Strategies in the Wine Industry Book 2016 – Germany

Collect and Share Relevant Content icon

Collect & Share Relevant Content on Autopilot

Social media can be time consuming. Avoid excess time spent on identifying relevant content. Use our comprehensive list of content sources to schedule your posts to multiple channels at optimal times and in bulk.

Share Your Content Hassle-free icon

Share Your Content Hassle-free

Time is money and your focus should be on what you can do best: wine-making. Save time by running your content distribution across multiple social media channels on autopilot.

Engage Your Team into Social Media icon

Engage Your Team into Social Media

Social media is not a one-man job. Our toolkit helps multiple members of your winery to engage collaboratively in curating and sharing relevant content.

Build an Engaged Community icon

Build An Engaged Community

Content and interaction with online followers creates engagement. Use our pre-configured toolkit to get new fans, spark conversations and keep current followers engaged.

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Event Promotion

Convert Your Events into Success

Event Promotion image

Wine is a social product: events associated with them are a great way to interact with customers and prospects. Whether a tasting event at your winery or a masterclass at a trade show – they all need promotion. There is hardly anything more costly than events without visitors. Securing proper attendance is vital for your event’s success. The good news is that social media as promotion channel is a perfect match to wine as a social product. Select your target audience, take the right digital marketing toolkit and get your campaign organized. Add the right facilitators on top and you have done everything to make your event a success.

Promote Your Wine Event icon

Do you know how to promote well your wine event via digital channels?

Pick The Right Facilitator icon

Do you struggle to pick the right facilitator to attract visitors?

Boost Your Event Success icon

Would you like to boost your event success?


Digital Event Flyer

Spread the word online

The Digital Event Flyer offers an elegant, eye-catching, mobile optimized presentation of your event. Smart content and attractive, responsive design adapted to your visuals go hand-in-hand here. The flyer can be directly shared to e-mail addresses you define, as well as be posted on social media.

  • Content
    Introduction | Wine region, winery, winemaker and team | Portfolio | Awards  | Event highlights | Image gallery
  • Mobile optimized information site
    Search engine friendly structure with super-simple sharing for viewers to spread the news via their favorite social media platform or e-mail.
  • Attractive visuals
    Illustrations adapted to your logo and colors – high quality custom imagery that supports a professional appearance.
  • External links
    References to your winery website, social media accounts and the registration site of your planned event.
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Event Registration Tool

Get event visitors registered easily

The Event Registration Tool is a simple yet attractive way to register attendees to your public tastings. Visitors can book their event seats online from any device with a click of a button. You decide about your event timing and capacity, define visitor information you wish to collect – we take care of the rest.

  • Mobile optimized registration site
    Search engine friendly structure with your logo and colors – additional information about your events and your winery.
  • Attendee registration
    Event and available seats displayed online, event registration with a few clicks only. Confirmation of successful registration via e-mail. Links to iCal, Google, Outlook and Yahoo calendars.
  • Attendee management
    Attendee management app (iOS / Android) to electronically check-in visitors when they show up. Check-in using barcode, name or e-mail address.
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Event Facilitator

Leave your tastings to professionals

Experience, sound preparation and communication skills make the difference. The competence of our renowned experts complemented with our wine event experience guarantee that your tasting will run smoothly. Our facilitators follow a thorough preparation process which includes information collection and event pre-tasting.

  • Renowned top facilitators
    Master of Wines, WSET experts, sommeliers with professional tasting and presentation skills.
  • Structured preparation plan
    Clear preparation plan with documented milestones for information collection, validation, formatting and pre-tasting.
  • Sample tasting
    All event wines pre-tasted offsite prior to their live presentation.
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Event Promotion

Engage prospects on a budget

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way of promotion. The impact of an online campaign depends on your existing social footprint, website content, brand awareness, targeted channels and your campaign budget. We develop your custom plan with the best possible mix of digital marketing tools within your targeted investment pool.

  • Social media campaign
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ad campaign customized to your budget and target audience.
  • E-mail campaign
    Informing your existing partners via an attractively built newsletter.
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Your Benefits

Create Awareness about your Event icon

Create Awareness about your Event

Organizing public tastings or attending wine industry fairs are expensive. Get more out of your investment by boosting your communications about the event you are organizing.

Use Expert Names that Attract Attendees icon

Use Expert Names that Attract Attendees

Attracting the right audience attending your event is key to your campaign success. Work with our selected Master of Wine and sommelier experts to deliver an authentic, professional message.

Understand Your Audience icon

Understand Your Audience

Knowing who is visiting your event helps you focus on the important visitors. Use our connected applications to collect vital details about attendees for future follow-up.

Collect Customer Feedback icon

Collect Customer Feedback

With hundreds of visitors at your event it is difficult to recall conversations. Utilize our digital toolkit to register visitor interest, feedback and opinion for future use.

Follow-up Consistently icon

Follow-up Consistently

Engaging with your visitors is only effective if you follow-up with them post-event. Learn to use data collected via combination of digital tools and reach-out to attendees in a personalized fashion.

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