Converting your exhibition to real business

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Promotion Toolkit

Let the wine business learn about your ProWein attendance - schedule your meetings with prospects in advance! Our mobile optimized, customer friendly tools enable effective communication, meeting registration and follow-up.

Tasting Events

Spice up your ProWein attendance with tasting events that no visitor wants to miss! Our top facilitators and event services convert your tasting into a lead magnet. Includes digital promotion toolkit, event registration, facilitation and feedback management.

Digital Campaign

Get the most out of your ProWein investments - create interest that converts into real business. Our omni-channel digital marketing campaign helps you stand out of the crowd, get you visitor attention and generate leads.

Promotion Toolkit


Attract visitors in a whole new way

Each year the world’s leading wine business event ProWein attracts more than 50.000 visitors. Retail and wholesale buyers from over 100 countries come to Düsseldorf to complement their wine portfolio. With over 5.000 exhibitors the competition for attention of these traders is enormous. They arrive with a full calendar: chance to grab their attention at the fair itself is minimal. That is why it is vital for wineries to create buyer interest well before the actual event takes place.

Do you know how to attract buyer attention?

Do you utilize digital channels to generate interest?

Would you like to secure meetings before the exhibition?

Package Content

Digital Event Flyer

Spread the word online

The Digital Event Flyer offers an elegant, eye-catching, mobile optimized presentation of your ProWein attendance. Smart content and attractive, responsive design adapted to your visuals go hand-in-hand here. The flyer can be directly shared to e-mail addresses you define, as well as be posted on social media.

  • Content
    Introduction | Wine region, winery, winemaker and team | Portfolio | Awards  | Tasting event(s) | Exhibition highlights | Booth location | Image gallery | External links
  • Mobile optimized information site
    Search engine friendly structure with super-simple sharing for viewers to spread the news via their favorite social media platform or e-mail.
  • Attractive visuals
    Illustrations adapted to your logo and colors – high quality custom imagery that supports a professional appearance.
  • External links
    References to your winery website, social media accounts and the registration site of your planned ProWein events.
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Meeting & Event Registration Tool

Impress your visitors with professional registration

The Meeting and Event Registration Tool is a simple yet attractive way to schedule ProWein meetings and register attendees. Visitors can see available meeting slots and book their seats online with a click of a button. You decide about your events and meeting slots, define visitor information you wish to collect – we take care of the rest.

  • Mobile optimized registration site
    Search engine friendly structure with your logo and colors – additional information about your events and your winery.
  • Visitor registration
    Meeting slots displayed online, meeting and event registration with a few clicks only. Confirmation of successful booking via e-mail. Links to iCal, Google, Outlook and Yahoo calendars.
  • Attendee management
    Attendee management app (iOS / Android) to electronically check-in visitors when they show up. Check-in using barcode, name or e-mail address.
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Ready to attract visitors in a whole new way?

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Your Benefits

ProWein - Get The Word Out About Your Appearance icon

Get The Word Out about Your ProWein Appearance

Inform industry professionals and prospective buyers about your attendance in time. Share your search engine optimized Digital Flyer directly via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

ProWein - Stand Out of The Crowd icon

Stand Out of the Crowd – Impress Targeted Visitors

50 % of a wine’s success is the personality factor of the brand, building an emotional tie with the customer. Create an attractive visual appearance that represents  your brand on all digital channels equally.

*Successful Social Media & E-Commerce Strategies in the Wine Industry Book 2016

ProWein - Engage New Prospects icon

Engage New Prospects prior to the Exhibition

There are more than 5.000 exhibitors at ProWein. Drive attention to your brand using social media and e-mail marketing – convert interest into face-to-face discussions at the fair.

ProWein - Avoid IT Development icon

Avoid Unnecessary IT Development

There is no need to redesign your homepage for ProWein to create a lasting impression. Use our mobile optimized tools that are customized to your brand’s visual appearance.

ProWein - Register Leads at Your Booth icon

Register All Leads at Your Booth

Miss no prospective buyer – our tools support on-site registration. Let your staff check-in all meeting attendees directly at your exhibition booth. Get all lead data collected into a single repository.

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Tasting Events


Engage visitors via masterclasses & workshops

Official tastings belong to the most popular ProWein instruments. They attract wine experts, traders and buyers – individuals wishing to find hidden gems. Tasting events help these people navigate through the plethora of wines. They also enable wineries to stand out of the crowd and present their wines to key influencers.

5 factors determine the success of ProWein tasting events:

  • Attractive topic and compelling event title
  • Professional, renowned facilitator
  • Targeted multi-channel promotion
  • Superb attendee event experience
  • Consistent follow-up of leads
ProWein - Facilitator icon

Do you have the right event facilitator and toolkit secured?

ProWein - Omnichannel Event Promotion icon

Do you have an omni-channel event promotion plan in place?

ProWein - Attendee Identification and Follow-up icon

Can you identify your event attendees and follow-up with them?

Package Content

Event Theme & Title

Make your event stand out

The official ProWein catalogue is an information source frequently used by prospective buyers . A captivating event title and theme are vital for grabbing their attention. Tell us more about your planned tasting and our team develops an event title and theme that catch interest and comply with ProWein’s publishing rules.

  • Eye-catching event title
    Tasting theme and title with marketing and sales in mind.
  • Multi-language support
    Text from native English and German speaking wine experts.
  • Compliance
    Full compliance with ProWein’s strict publishing rules and restrictions.

Event Registration Tool

Impress visitors already at registration

The Event Registration Tool is a simple yet attractive way to register attendees to your ProWein tastings. Visitors can book their event seats online from any device with a click of a button. You decide about your event timing and capacity, define visitor information you wish to collect – we take care of the rest.

  • Mobile optimized registration site
    Search engine friendly structure with your logo and colors – additional information about your events and your winery.
  • Attendee registration
    Event and available seats displayed online, event registration with a few clicks only. Confirmation of successful registration via e-mail. Links to iCal, Google, Outlook and Yahoo calendars.
  • Attendee management
    Attendee management app (iOS / Android) to electronically check-in visitors when they show up. Check-in using barcode, name or e-mail address.

Event Facilitator

Leave your tastings to professionals

Experience, sound preparation and communication skills make the difference. The competence of our renowned experts complemented with our wine event experience guarantee that your tasting will run smoothly. Our facilitators follow a thorough preparation process which includes information collection, structuring and pre-tasting.

  • Renowned top facilitators
    Master of Wine’s, WSET experts, sommeliers with professional tasting and presentation skills.
  • Structured preparation plan
    Clear preparation plan with documented milestones for information collection, validation, formatting and pre-tasting.
  • Sample tasting
    All event wines pre-tasted offsite prior to their live presentation.

Event Experience

Create a consistent brand experience

For a consistent user experience online & offline marketing efforts shall be harmonized. Our event experience services include adaptation of presentation materials and evaluation sheets with your brand elements. Feedback forms get optimized for capturing leads and we provide a post-event report about participating attendees.

  • Presentation with your brand elements
    Tasting presentation with your logo and colors in Powerpoint or Prezi format.
  • Custom evaluation sheets
    Feedback forms optimized for lead capturing with your logo and colors.
  • Event report
    Post event analytics about participants, their contact details and submitted evaluations.

Interested to run a professional tasting event?

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Your Benefits

ProWein - Get Visitor Attention icon

Raise Visitor Attention for Your Exhibition

Prospective buyers maintain a strict ProWein agenda. Use professional tasting events as proven means to get on their radar and create engagement.


ProWein - Let Top Names Attract Attendees icon

Let Top Names and Your Event Title Attract Attendees

Due to ProWein’s popularity among exhibitors to stand out of the crowd you have to be different. Don’t spend a fortune on your booth – run a tasting event that attracts people! The names of our top industry experts work lead magnets.

ProWein - Secure a Superb Attendee Experience icon

Secure a Superb Attendee Experience

To create a professional impression of your winery the user journey for event attendees has to be flawless. Let our team ensure that promotion, registration, check-in and attendance provide a high quality experience for your prospects.

ProWein - Run Your Tastings Like Professionals icon

Run Your Tasting Like Professionals

Facilitating tastings requires consistent preparation and professional experience. Our experts have 20+ years of such experience complemented with excellent presentation skills. Use Dee-Wine’s partners to supercharge your tasting event with knowledge, competence and skill!

ProWein - One-stop Shop for Your Tasting Event icon

One-stop Shop for Your Tasting Event

Getting an event organized right is complex. Whether it is promotion, registration, attendee check-in or the tasting event itself the flow should be perfect. Let our team support you as a committed, experienced partner throughout the entire cycle.

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Digital Campaign

Create interest that converts to business

ProWein is an excellent networking forum for participants of the wine business. Producers, suppliers, wine experts and traders all attend to meet partners, show or taste new wines. For wineries at ProWein it is all about grabbing visitor attention. Large investments go into creating attractive exhibition booths that intend to help exhibitors stand out of the crowd. If your winery does not want to spend a fortune to show off, can you still compete for buyer attention?

Our omni-channel campaigns help you engage your prospects before they set foot at the fairground.

ProWein - ROI Concern icon

Are you concerned about costs and ROI of your ProWein participation?

ProWein - Impulsive Meetings icon

Are most of your ProWein meetings ad-hoc / impulsive?

ProWein - Buyer Interest icon

Would you like to create buyer interest before the fair takes place?


Brand Positioning

Promote your value to the right audience

Promoting your ProWein attendance to potential buyers requires proper positioning of your wine. Our team has long-term experience in judging wines which is vital for understanding value. We follow market trends and maintain an extensive contact network. Using these competences we can identify your target audience and propose how your brand should be best positioned.

  • Wine portfolio analysis
    Review of production, prices, markets, sales & marketing, promotion of your wines and winery.
  • Wine tasting
    Assessment of your wine portfolio through direct tastings.
  • Social footprint & content check
    Analysis of your presence and content on social networks that matter.
  • Recommendations
    Actionable guidelines for positioning your brand.
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Offline Promotion

Engage target audience via traditional channels

Print media remains a powerful source of information for wine business professionals. For maximum campaign impact we recommend the combined use of digital and offline promotions. Printed materials funnel prospective buyers to digital media where lead nurturing can continue. Our annual ProWein catalog is distributed to postal addresses of 3.000 wine business professionals.

  • Dee-Wine ProWein Catalog
    Distribution of information material with your content to 3.000 wine business professionals.
  • Print ad campaign
    Promoting your ProWein attendance in top wine business magazines of Europe.
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Online Promotion

Engage prospects on a budget

Targeting your audience via digital channels is a cost-effective way of promotion. The impact of an online marketing campaign depends on your existing social footprint, website content, brand awareness, targeted channels and your campaign budget. We develop your custom plan that utilizes the best possible mix of digital marketing tools within your targeted investment pool.

  • Social media campaign
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ad campaign customized to your budget and target audience.
  • E-mail campaign
    Informing your existing partners via an attractively built newsletter.
  • Digital Event Flyer
    Elegant, eye-catching, mobile optimized presentation of your ProWein attendance built for sharing via e-mail an social media.
  • Meeting & Event Registration Tool
    Simple yet attractive way to schedule ProWein meetings, register and manage event attendees.
  • E-mail signature
    Promoting your ProWein presence in all e-mails you send.
  • ProWein online catalogue
    Uploading all your winery and portfolio information to ProWein’s online registry. Includes normalizing your product images.
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Would you like to get the most out ProWein?

Let us organize your Digital Campaign – click to ask for a proposal!

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Digital Wine Marketing - Dee-Wine on iPad image

Your Benefits

Supercharge Your ProWein Attendance

To get the most out of your ProWein exhibition a combination of offline and online promotion is best. Use our experience and get your professional exhibition campaign organized.

Position Your Wines to the Right Audience

Whether you are targeting a lower or higher price segment with your wines, correct positioning is key. Let our expert team guide you with sound wine judgment, market knowledge and promotion competence in selecting your target customers.

Build an End-to-End Professional Image

Creating wonderful, iconic wines is what drives most winemakers. Being professional at the vineyard is not enough though! Let us help your ProWein experience carry the same professional image across all your online and offline appearance.

Use All Communication Channels That Matter

Attending ProWein is a significant investment. Spending it all on PR is a luxury: finding the right partners to make business with is what really matters. We help you target potential buyers across all relevant marketing channels for maximum impact.

Make Use of Our Extensive Contact Network

Wine business is all about networking. Our team of experts have an extensive list of active international contacts. Utilize our connections to make your message heard!

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